Virtual Property Staging

All the benefits - At a tiny fraction of the cost

Virtual Staging

OpenHouse360's experienced team of graphic designers and interior decorators can increase the appeal of your vacant, partially furnished, or poorly decorated property. We spark the imagination of your prospective buyers by adding key visual elements to complete the interior.

In this example furniture and fireplace ambiance was added to show prospective buyers the possibilities!

In this example, we replaced stained carpet with modern wood planks and added furniture to give it a modern but cozy beach house feel.
In this example, we replaced outdated busy decor with a fresh and modern look!

Photo Retouching

When it comes to selling real estate, the smallest details matter. Even upscale properties are diminished by blemishes and distracting elements. The most talented photographers cannot always leave every unsightly object out of the frame.

OpenHouse360 offers a simple turnkey solution to both minor blemishes and colossal eyesores. Our intention is not to misrepresent the listing, but to showcase it exactly as you and your sellers intend.

Our graphic artists can remove cars, power lines, street signs, trash cans, landscaping imperfections, and gray skies to literally show the home in the best possible light. Furthermore, digital enhancements such as a roaring fire add warmth and charm.

In this example, we added grass to this newly built spec home. Which yard would you like to relax in?

Virtual Twilight

In this example, we took an image that we shot in a daytime shoot for a client and converted it to twilight for extra appeal. Nothing replaces an actual twilight shoot but virtual twilight adds a nice look for a small fraction of the price.
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Virtual Staging Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical turn around for virtually staged images?

We we offer 36 hour turn around on virtual staging projects on jobs received M-F. If the job is received Friday we will deliver Monday.

Does the property have to be vacant?

Generally, yes. The property must be vacant and ready to be staged with furniture. Our digital artists can do some basic cleaning up of the image such as cord removal and color correction but our basic staging product does not include furniture removal. For more complex redesign of existing furnishings, please contact us for a custom quote.

Where can we use our virtually staged photos once complete?

Your virtual ‘staged’ photos will be sent to you at the same resolution as the base photos you provided us and will be in a .jpeg format, which is the same file format as on your digital camera. The photos are to be used only to market the specific property you identify on the order form and it is up to you to determine if the outlets where you want to post the virtual staging pictures will permit the use of virtually staged photos. Generally, putting the disclaimer "Artist Rendering" will cover any issues pertaining to representation of the property. We will add this disclaimer upon request.

What do you charge for Virtual Staging?

We offer a flat rate price of $40 for standard vacant room staging. If you require more complex "redecoration" of a a room that is aready furnished, please contact us for a custom quote.

Can we request revisions if necessary?

Absolutely! While we strive to deliver staged photos that meet and exceed your expectations, however we occasionally get requests for certain furniture pieces to be changed or a different style of artwork in the provided image. Just let us know and we will be happy to accomodate! This feedback ins important to us not only from a quality control perspective but it also gives us the opportunty to learn your unique style and preferences so we can nail it next time!