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Virtual Property Staging

All the benefits - At a tiny fraction of the cost

Virtual Staging

OpenHouse360's experienced team of graphic designers and interior decorators can increase the appeal of your vacant, partially furnished, or poorly decorated property. We spark the imagination of your prospective buyers by adding key visual elements to complete the interior.

In this example furniture and fireplace ambiance was added to show prospective buyers the possibilities!

In this example, we replaced stained carpet with modern wood planks and added furniture to give it a modern but cozy beach house feel.
In this example, we replaced outdated busy decor with a fresh and modern look!

Photo Retouching

When it comes to selling real estate, the smallest details matter. Even upscale properties are diminished by blemishes and distracting elements. The most talented photographers cannot always leave every unsightly object out of the frame.

OpenHouse360 offers a simple turnkey solution to both minor blemishes and colossal eyesores. Our intention is not to misrepresent the listing, but to showcase it exactly as you and your sellers intend.

Our graphic artists can remove cars, power lines, street signs, trash cans, landscaping imperfections, and gray skies to literally show the home in the best possible light. Furthermore, digital enhancements such as a roaring fire add warmth and charm.

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In this example, we added grass to this newly built spec home. Which yard would you like to relax in?

Virtual Twilight

In this example, we took an image that we shot in a daytime shoot for a client and converted it to twilight for extra appeal. Nothing replaces an actual twilight shoot but virtual twilight adds a nice look for a small fraction of the price.
With 3D, Photos & Other Services
  • What is OpenHouse360?
    We are a media and marketing company focused on the real estate sector. Back in 2015 when we started the company we recognized that there were many different vendors offering services to real estate agents, however there weren't options for agents looking for a turnkey solution. OpenHouse360 started off with just a few products and eventually became a single source for all media and distibution needs of our clients. Later, we expanded into digital media marketing to help our clients disseminate the dynamic media we produce.
  • What is a 3D Showcase i.e. Matterport 3D?
    A showcase is the single best way to view a property without being there in person; virtually. Using a Matterport 3D camera, we capture 50-200 scans from different vantage points throughout the property. All of these scans are rendered and stitched together to create an interactive 3D model that you can post throughout your media channels or send to clients directly. Example of 3D Dollhouse created by the Matterport system
  • How are your products bundled?
    We offer both modular pricing for individual services and bundled pricing for turnkey one-stop shoppiing. We offer discounts when multiple services are purchased together and shot at the same time and also bundled discounts based upon the price of the home. Our individual services are based upon square footage and the bundled services are based upon the list price of the home. We have found in our experience that the marketing being deployed to sell the home should be commensurate with the list price.
  • Once you create media for listings, how do you help disseminate it?"
    We offer our clients free consulting for best practices in maximizing visibility. After all, we want you to see the ROI of the media we create by selling your listings faster and for more money. We feel that this will keep your clients coming back to you time and time again. If we share some part of that outcome, we feel that is the best way to ensure that you come back to OpenHouse 360 for all of your real estate media needs. Additionally some of our clients retain us to maintain their social media, manage events, and help them build their brand online.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Our aim is to serve you and your clients. We offer 100% deposit refunds if cancellation occurs within 24 hours of scheduled appointment. Although we try to be as flexible as possible with our clients we do incur costs in allocating our staff to your project. Same day cancellations can incur a 10% of the scheduled services.
  • What preparations need to be made before photographers/videographers arrive?
    Our goal is for you and your client to love our results. This starts with having the property in the same condition you would normally have it in to host an open house. Since we capture so much rich detail about the property, attention must be paid to the smallest details. Including removal of pets, clutter, and personally identifiable information.
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