Dramatic and Compelling Aerial 

Photos & Cinematography

Dramatic aerial perspectives of your listings

Help your listings take flight

Super-high-quality still images will impress your existing and prospective buyers alike. While our clients love the latest enhancements in real estate marketing technology, such as Matterport 3-D renderings, walkthrough videos, and aerial photography, the starting point is dramatic, inviting still photography.

OpenHouse360 curates images that capture the essence of each property we shoot. Every home has a unique story to tell, and still photography needs to convey that story in a way that creates a visceral connection with the property.

The OpenHouse360 Still Photography Difference

Safety is our Priority

Our operators are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Aerial flights take place only if all the right conditions are met.

FAA Part 107 Certified Pilots

OpenHouse360 uses only the best and most experienced UAS operators to ensure that your photos and videos meet strict safety and quality standards.

State-of-the-art Equipment

We only use the most advanced drone technology and incorporate 4K video to create stunning results every time

Industry Leading Turn Around

We never make promises that we cant deliver. We offer 24 hour turn-around on aerial photo shoots and 36 hour turn around on video shoots.

Aerial Real Estate Photos  give your listings unprecedented perspective of the property and surrounding areas

Aerial Video is a great feature to add to property videos to draw in viewers and engage buyers

Check out our 2019 highlight reel!

Frequently Asked Questions About Aerial Images and Video

How long are the videos?

We try to limit the size of the video to 2-4 minutes. We utilize footage from the steadicam video shoot to tell each home's unique story by including highlighted features from both the exterior and interior of the property. People tend to have short attention spans and as such we try to feature the main areas of the home and a tasteful fast paced production. As they say in Hollywood "always leave them wanting more!" We also can create an instagram square version of the video as well as an unbranded version for the MLS at no additional charge.

What do you charge for Aerial PHOTOS?

Shooting aerial stills involves shooting 20+ images of a property and the immediate surrounding area in HDR (High Synamic Range). Once we shoot the property from many different perspectives we choose 8-12 photos that best show the best attributes. The photo process is a totally separate service than our aerial video service. We charge $245 for most properties. If Aerial photography is being performed with another service (interior photography etc), we charge $195.

Is aerial flight safe?

We go to great lengths and take every precaution to make every flight is executed flawlessly. We observe all local, state, and federal laws regarding aerial flight. We are fully bonded and insured so you can have piece of mind in knowing that we stand behind our work! Additionally our UAV pilots are FAA Part 107 Certified which is a requirement for ALL COMMERCIAL UAV flight. Don't ever risk the liability of using a company that does not have certified pilots!

What do you charge for Aerial VIDEO

The standard price for aerial video is $245 ($345 if being performed as a stand alone service). Our aerial videos are primarily intended to complement a full interior/exterior property tour.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our aim is to serve you and your clients. We offer 100% deposit refunds if cancellation occurs within 24 hours of scheduled appointment. Although we try to be as flexible as possible with our clients we do incur costs in allocating our staff to your project. Same day cancellations can incur a 25% of the scheduled services.

What preparations need to be made before technician arrives?

Our goal is for you and your client to love our results. This starts with having the property in the same condition you would normally have it in to host an open house. Since we capture so much rich detail about the property, attention must be paid to the smallest details. Including removal of cars, pets, clutter, and personally identifiable information.

How long does my property video stay live on the web?

We upload the videos to Vimeo and/or YouTube. They will stay up there indefinitely or until your or your clients asks you to remove them.

How do I use the final product?

You use any of the 3 very simple links we provide to you to post, share, disseminate and promote the showcase of your listing anywhere you are marketing it: a) The “embed code” is provided so you can include it on your landing page for the property, your company website, or any other digital dissemination need. b) A direct link you can use to point an audience to your video in emails, social media etc.. c) A link to the content files can be sent to give you access to the full uncompressed video. We also offer content distribution services to help disseminate your video. Whether you need help setting up a custom audience, lead distribution, or email marketing. We have you covered.