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Single Property Websites


Invite Interaction with your Listings!

Included free with any of our photo or video services, our websites serve as a repository for property media for each of your listings in an elegant, easy to use format. We provide compelling content that engages visitors with your properties which generates more interest and more leads!

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Showcase your listing-related content like a pro

Enable visitors to view media related to your listing 24/7
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OpenHouse360 has devised a clever, simple, and usable system for showcasing all your digital content. Our landing pages and text message auto responders are true "destinations" with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a technology-forward company. With OpenHouse360 landing pages, we provide your audience media-rich content on demand!

Intuitive single-property landing pages for all of your media-rich content

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Click On Image to View Sample Single Property Website

We have templates to match your individual style and company branding

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Interactive features help promote your site and generate leads

Brochure design included!

We offer our clients ready-made made marketing collateral including brochures, flyers, and postcards, In addition, we offer custom property media thats reformatted for social media.

Advanced Lead Collection

Interested buyers can contact you directly through the website  and you can be notified instantly. Also, we can customize the site's behavior so you can collect information when buyer requests price or exit intent.

Direct On-demand Printing

We offer competitively priced printing for media you create using our editor! Just click any of our design templates, customize to your liking and we will print and ship to your doorstep!

Text Message Marketing

We integrate our text messaging autoresponder bot with our property sites so prospective buyers can get on-demand information and agents collect lead contact info.

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