Dramatic and Compelling 


Hollywood-style production on an Indie budget

The way we see it, big-budget, Hollywood-style movie production should not be reserved for blockbuster feature films only. At OpenHouse360, our veteran cinematographers create breathtaking property walk-through videos at a surprisingly affordable price.

We accomplish this by using state-of-the-art equipment that practically floats through the property. The result is stunning video footage that we edit in post-production to create a cinematic masterpiece.

Don't just take our word for it. Several studies show that homes marketed with video and other multimedia-rich content receive four times the inquiries of those that do not. Start getting your listings the attention they deserve today!

Digital storytelling at its best!

Every home has a unique story to tell. Our filming approach takes the characteristics of each property into account to determine the best style and format for the production. We also can include aerial video to show micro and macro perspectives of the property

Allows prospective buyers to get a birds eye view of the property layout. 

Democratizing real estate media production

Advances in film technology make Steadicam a compelling and affordable option for your property-marketing plan. Using various gimbal-enabled cameras, we can capture stabilized, full-resolution 4K video at a fraction of what it would have cost just a decade ago.

Modern Home Buyers Demand Video
(and so do sellers)


** Unless otherwise noted, all statistics come from the Google/NAR study, “The Digital House Hunt.”

Build Excitement & Spark Emotion

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Frequently asked questions

1) What are the prerequisites to participate in Build On, ASEAN 2021?

Your team should include technical members who have an ability to build technology prototypes using web, mobile and data skills. You will also need members with business acumen to design creative new solutions. If you have no foundation in technical skills, training will be provided to get you up to speed.

2) How should I register?

Registrations will open in early June 2021. Once we receive your registration, we will notify you via email of the next steps moving forward.

5) What are the prizes for Build On, ASEAN 2021?

All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

The finalist teams will stand to win a variety of prizes, including:

• Amazon gadgets

• Vouchers

• Opportunity to apply for internships or employment

• Training vouchers for further industry certifications

6) Can I take part in more than one challenge?

No. Each team can only choose one challenge statement to work on. Please do not combine different challenge statements into one proposal or solution.

7) How do I use AWS Cloud services for building my prototype?

We will provide all shortlisted teams with AWS Promotional Credits, which you can use to build prototypes. Your assigned team of mentors will provide coaching and support for your build. We expect participants to have coding skills and the ability to build technology prototypes.

8) What are the event timelines?

Please refer above in the timeline section above for the dates.

9) What are the Terms and Conditions of this event?

Kindly refer to the Terms and Conditions of Build On, ASEAN 2021 here.

3) Can we form a team consisting of different schools?

Yes, as long as all team members are of the same category. Open to all countries Institute category: Institute of tertiary education, polytechnic, university Only open to Malaysia and Singapore Junior category: Secondary school, high school, junior college

4) How much commitment would me and my team need to put in?

You'll need to attend the workshop for two to three days virtually. If you miss any segments, we will provide a recording you can reference. Afterward, you and your team will be working on the proposal remotely for submission within a week. If we select your team for the next phase of prototype development, there will be another day of advanced workshops and mentorship from the challenge owners. We’ll need everyone for 4-6 days virtually, if you proceed to the finals.