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Award Winning Photographers + Ultra Premium Post-Production Equals
Amazing Results Every Time

In the increasingly digitally driven world of real estate you literally have seconds to make a great first impression to prospective buyers. We specialize in creating photographic "clickbait" that get your properties noticed. It's a numbers game and more interested buyers means selling more volume for more money in less time. We know how the game works and we will deliver the impact shots that will turn heads and boost your online conversions!

The Impact of Visual Storytelling

Super-high-quality still images will impress your existing and prospective buyers alike. While our clients love the latest enhancements in real estate marketing technology, such as Matterport 3-D renderings, walkthrough videos, and aerial photography, the starting point is dramatic, inviting still photography.

OpenHouse360 curates images that capture the essence of each property we shoot. Every home has a unique story to tell, and still photography needs to convey that story in a way that creates a visceral connection with the property.

The OpenHouse360 Still Photography Difference

Print & MLS Ready

Top agents never scrimp on photography. Our professional photographers shoot with full-frame digital cameras using the best optics available.

Industry Leading Turn Around

Because getting a listing live is your top priority, you will receive your photos within one day after the shoot

Free Property Website

We provide our customers with a full featured property website with every shoot! This enables you to disseminate your media throughout your media channels

Virtual Staging

Choose innovative interactive 3-D staging or traditional photo retouching. Specify your decor or trust our interior design professionals to create a visual masterpiece.

Real Estate Photo Shoots With Breathtaking Results


Twilight Photography

Add Compelling Appeal and Drama


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Real Estate Photography: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical turn around for your photo shoots?

We promise 24 hour turn around on photos on shoots monday through Friday. On a Saturday or Sunday shoot, we deliver the finished photos by monday at 5PM.

Does OpenHouse360 "stage" the property in advance of the shoot?

Staging is the responsibility of the agent/homeowner. If the property is vacant (lockbox), our photographers will turn on lights, open blinds and doors where necessary, but the property needs to be prepped in advance of the photographers arrival. If you need any assistance with staging companies, we are happy to provide referrals as our agents work with some of the best staging companies is San Diego.

What happens if its a cloudy day the day of the shoot?

We offer a "Blue Sky Guarantee" in that we replace the sky to a beautiful blue sky if the weather is inclimate. Nothing beats a bright sunny day for real estate photos, however. We make our best effort to notify clients if the day of their shoot is not ideal. Ultimately it is the customers resonsibility to reschedule 24 hours in advance of the shoot if they would like to pick a day with a better forecast. That said, if there are cloudy skies, we can "fix" the sky in post-processing, however nothing beats a beatiful sunny day for real estate photography.

What resolution do you deliver your photos?

Our platform delivers your photos in print, web, and MLS versions? We also give you the ability to customize resolution so you can download in a format that suits your needs.

Can we request revisions if necessary?

Absolutely! While we strive to deliver photos that meet and exceed your expectations, we occasionally get requests to change elements of the photo. These changes include object removal, sky replacement etc. Just let us know and we will be happy to accomodate! This feedback ins important to us not only from a quality control perspective but it also gives us the opportunty to learn your unique style and preferences so we can nail it next time!

What is your cancellation/Reschedule policy?

Our aim is to serve you and your clients and undserstand the nature of the industry. Things change, we get it! We offer no-hassle rescheduling. We ask that you respect our production schedule and notify us at least 24 hours in advance. We also offer 100% refunds if cancellation occurs within 24 hours of scheduled appointment. Although we try to be as flexible as possible with our clients we do incur costs in allocating our staff to your project. Same day cancellations can incur a 25% of the scheduled services.

What is the difference between Twilight and Virtual Twilight

Virtual twilight is an editing process where we convert daytime photos into the look of traditional twilight photo. Traditional twilight photos are shot at twilight (30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise) and edited in a fashion that enhances the sky and exterior ambient lighting.