OpenHouse 360 was founded with one basic idea...

Zillow 3D

Zillow tours are a great tool for showcasing your property to users of Zillow and Trulia. This enables users of these platforms to explore your listing in 3D. OpenHouse360 offers this with every photo shoot!

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to perform a Zilllow 3D scan?

On site this service adds on 10 minutes per 1,000 SF

What if I already have photos? Do you offer Zillow 3D as a stand alone service?

Zillow 3D is not a stand alone service. It can only be added when ordering other services.

What is Zillow 3D?

Zillow 3D is an alternative to Matterport 3D. The quality of the 3D scan isn't as high resolution as Matterport but is a good solution if cost is your primary concern. Zillow and trulia don't allow Matterport links to be included natively on their respective sites because they give preference to their own 3D solution. For this reason, if you expect that propsective buyers will be viewing your listing primarily on Zillow and Trulia, this is a great option EVEN IF YOU ALREADY ORDERED A MATTERPORT SCAN.

How are your products bundled?

We offer both modular pricing for individual services and bundled pricing for turnkey one-stop shoppiing. We offer discounts when multiple services are purchased together and shot at the same time and also bundled discounts based upon the price of the home. Our individual services are based upon square footage and the bundled services are based upon the list price of the home. We have found in our experience that the marketing being deployed to sell the home should be commensurate with the list price.

What preparations need to be made before photographers/videographers arrive?

Our goal is for you and your client to love our results. This starts with having the property in the same condition you would normally have it in to host an open house. Since we capture so much rich detail about the property, attention must be paid to the smallest details. Including removal of pets, clutter, and personally identifiable information.