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OpenHouse360 is proud to be one of the first service providers in Southern California to offer full-service 3D property modeling. This immersive home-tour platform allows prospective buyers to preview your listing from bird's-eye, first-person, and floor-plan perspectives.

Matterport's patented 3D technology creates an experience that is the closest thing to actually being there. When you add this incredible tool to your own marketing toolbox, you will not only captivate buyers but also impress sellers with your listings.

A 3D model is created using a proprietary nine-lens camera with infrared sensors that scan and measure the interior of the property. Advanced algorithms are used to complete the model, which is then ready for you to embed throughout all of your media channels. With these incredible new capabilities, you can offer homebuyers a media-rich experience that traditional photos simply cannot provide.



Your Listings Showcased in the Most Powerful New Way

Doll House View

Interactive Walk-Through

Floor Plan Layout View

Home layouts in realistic 3D

The open-house experience, live 24/7

Allows You to Give Client Demos of Existing & Potential Uses of Space

Bring your listings to life in 3D

Photos alone are not enough to satisfy today's savvy homebuyers, who demand media-rich content to facilitate their searches. Linear video and interactive 3D environments augment the home-search process and, most importantly, make your listings stand out!

A simple and affordable turnkey 3D solution

Take 3D for a Test Drive


OpenHouse360's team arrives at your listing location at a time that is convenient for you and your client. Our technicians capture the interior of the property using specialized hardware. For average-sized homes, this process takes between 60 and 90 minutes.


We add your company's branding to the rendered 3D showcase and send a proof to you for your approval. We can add property details to the 3D model to highlight square footage, room labeling, bed and bath count, and any other special features.


Once your 3D model is complete and approved, we give you an embed code for you to post throughout various digital media channels. We also provide custom landing pages for your content, so all of your digital media assets can be stored in one place with a custom URL


Why use 3D?


In real life, we experience things spatially. Much in the same way our brains identify people by subconsciously measuring facial characteristics, we analyze the world around us by constantly calculating distances, sizes, and volumes.

A 3D property showcases gives your audience a true sense of presence—the feeling of actually being there. Break down distance barriers by taking prospective buyers anywhere, from anywhere!


Hollywood-endorsed, Realtor-approved

"When we first saw Matterport last fall, we knew it would be a game changer for us. Today, we’re definitely winning more listings with Matterport’s technology. Our prospective clients are absolutely stunned!


"Matterport provides the most realistic sense of actually walking through a property online, and is the ideal platform to attract busy and out-of-town buyers. We see this becoming an essential part of every property listing in the near future."

-Josh Altman

The Altman Brothers,

Los Angeles, CA

Fair, upfront pricing


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6,000+ SF

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  • What is a 3D showcase?

    A showcase is the single best way to view a property without being there in person; virtually.  Using a Matterport 3D camera, we capture 50-200 scans from different vantage points throughout the property. All of these scans are rendered and stitched together to create an interactive 3D model that you can post throughout your media channels or send to clients directly.

  • What does OpenHouse360 do?

    We create & choreograph custom showcases for real-estate professionals and others allowing users to experience comprehensive & captivating views of a given space, location or property.

  • How do you Create a 3D Rendering?

    OpenHouse360 uses the latest professional tools & technologies available, not the least of which includes the combination of a Matterport™ 3D Camera and highly skilled professionals who know how to show your property in the most compelling, media rich and effective way possible.  Professional technicians create a 3 dimensional scan of a property, on-site (from up to 200 distinct interior locations) and perform all other optional on-site services requested.  From there our team and partners perform the necessary back-end rendering and post-production work.

  • How long does it take?

    Depending upon the size of the property, an on-site scan typically takes 30-60 minutes per 1500 square feet.  This varies depending on the architectural features, lighting, and layout of the property as well as stairs, window & mirror prevalence. For the median sized U.S. home, we typically complete the scan within 1-2 hours from arrival to exit.

  • Could our brokerage create our own Matterport scans?

    Absolutely. While most agents/brokers leave this to the professionals, you can indeed purchase the various hardware, related software and cloud hosting, and then perform and process it yourself.   We built our business based on efficiently achieving the highest quality results through trained and skilled professionals; there to serve successful agents.

  • What preparations need to to be made before our technician arrives?

    Our goal is for you and your client to love our results.  This starts with having the property in the same condition you would normally have it in to host an open house.  Since we capture so much rich detail about the property, attention must be paid to the smallest details.   Including removal of pets, clutter, and personally identifiable information.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Our aim is to serve you and your clients.  We offer 100% deposit refunds if cancellation occurs within 24 hours of scheduled appointment. Although we try to be as flexible as possible with our clients we do incur costs in allocating our staff to your project. Same day cancellations can incur a 25% of the scheduled services.

  • How does it work?

    When you are ready:

    1. Schedule an appointment with us online.

    2. Select optional features such as steadicam, aerial, or single-property landing page.

    3. Pay for your selected service(s).

    2. Technician meets you at the property at time of appointment

    3. After a 5 minute walk through; technician is ready to begin scanning the property and perform optional services.

    4. 24 hours later you have a completed showcase; ready for the web. Other services such as video editing and floor plans require slightly longer post production. Most jobs are completed within 48 hours.

  • How long does my 3D Showcase stay live on the web?

    These 3D showcases involve considerably large amounts of data storage & download bandwidth.  The first 12 months of content hosting is included in our price.  If a listing needs extended hosting, beyond 12 months, we charge a flat rate of $45 for each additional 6 month period.

  • What if I am not satisfied with results?

    We strive for 100% satisfaction – and we provide a 100% refund.

    When you receive our final product, you then have 48 hours to approve, or in the rare case that expectations are not met, return it to us to address any technical concerns, or refund your payment (Keep in mind, staging the property is our client's responsibility).

  • How do I use the final product?

    You use any of the 3 very simple links we provide to you to post, share, disseminate and promote the showcase of your listing anywhere you are marketing it:


    a) The “embed code”  is provided so you can post your 3D showcase on your company's web site or any other web property.

    b) A direct link you can use to point an audience to to the live 3D showcase of the property online.

    c) A link to the content files for included and/or optional services (MLS photos, High Resolution Photos, Videos, etc.).

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